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Zbeen – K-frame

K-Frame“ is the debut release of the project ZBEEN, who are Gianluca Favaron (microphones, field recordings, loops, electronics) and Ennio Mazzon  (programming, signal processing, field recordings). It consists of four tracks which represent the „ordered degree of complexity“ generated by the superposition and combination of a set of independent audio streams. It defines of the system, k-dimensions, k-frame, the spatial constitution of the sonic objects within.  Sequences, combinations, rotations and reflections, series and dimensions – sounds act as vectors and they can be regarded as the representation of quantities like force and velocity which are defined by magnitude and direction. As vectors, sounds generate spaces whose dimension is the size of a maximal basis set. The result is a mixture of drones, glitches and field recordings, which build up a captivating soundscape. Download it for the price you name @ Ripples!

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